Director of Transportation: Angela Lang

The Primary goal of the Pike Road Transportation Department is to provide safe and dependable transportation to every learner in our district.  During the first several weeks of school bus routes will continue to be adjusted as our student population continues to change.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • My child’s address or bus stop is not found? 
    Use this link to notify us and we will be able to add them and assign a route.


  • How do I log in to Here Comes the Bus?

The following information is required to Register:

  • 5-digit School Code (28868)

  • Your name and email used for your Here Comes the Bus account

Once Registered, Go Under My Account and select 

  • My Contacts to include your child, spouse or other relatives who you wish to receive the Notifications

  • My Students (add your student rider) You will need Your child’s last name, and student ID #.  This can be found on your last Report Card or your INOW/Chalkable account. You may also contact to request this information.  If you request this information please provide us with your learner's current grade level.

Use the Notification Tab to set your Radius. Once your Bus travels through the established Circle, you will receive a Notification letting you know the Bus has pass this area and will be approaching your stop. Click on the map to move the circle to your desired location i.e. at the front of your neighborhood, 4 miles away from your stop or directly at your stop. 


  • How do I request a change in stop location?                                                                                                                                            You can use this link to request a change in your stop location


  • My child is a driver or car rider and will no longer require transportation services. What steps should I take? 
    If your child will not require transportation this year but was identified as a rider last year, please let us know using this link so we can remove them from the transportation route.


  • What if my child needs to change transportation for only one day?

If your child needs to change their method of transportation for a single day, please send a written note to the front office no later than 9am of that day. Students will not be allowed on any bus they are not previously registered for, unless they obtain a temporary bus pass from the front office. 


Other inquiries, comments, or questions can be submitted by contacting the Transportation Department at